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Optical Coupler

Telecab offers a comprehensive range of fibre optic couplers to compliment our well-known range of optical laser transmitters, optical receivers, repeaters, erbium doped fibre amplifiers and optical switches.

The OC-%% range of fibre optic couplers are designed for direct splicing into single mode fibre optic networks for two way coupling or splitting.
The use of optical couplers allows the optical power of headend laser transmitters or optical amplifiers to feed multiple field nodes, hence maximising the use of optical transmission equipment.

The units are reciprocal and can also be used to combine multiple return path transmitters onto one fibre to a return path receiver.

The OC-%% optical coupler comes in a small tubular package with non-connectorised, bare fibre pigtails of 0.25 mm diameter. This package requires it to be fixed internally to a product or within a sturdy fibre organiser


1310 nm / 1550 nm wide band operation.

Tubular package for direct splicing into the fibre network.
Ideal for applications where physical space is at a premium.
Completely passive devices.
High reliability with precision tolerances.
High optical isolation and high directivity.
Very low optical through loss and high return loss.
Wide temperature range, making the units suitable for outdoor applications

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