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Single Tube, multi loose tube, ribbon construction
Single and multimode fibre
Duct, Direct Burial, Aerial design

The Salient Features of Optical Fibre Cable



Type of the cable

Duct, Direct Burial, Aerial

Number of fiber

2-144 fiber count

Fiber Type

ITU-T G 652, G 655

Loose Tube Material

PBTP, Nylon

Water Resistance

Thixotropic Jelly

Strength Member

FRP, Aramid Yarn, Glass Reinforcement fiber Yarn, Steel Wire

Moisture Barrier

Water Swellable tape, Flooding Jelly

Armouring Material

Copolymer Coated S. S. Tape, Copolymer Coated Chrome Plated MS Tape

Sheath / Jacket Compound

HDPE (anti-termite or Normal), Polyamide-12

Attenuation at 1310 nm (dB/km)

< 0.36 for G 652 fiber

Attenuation at 1550 nm (dB/km)

< 0.25 for G 652 fiber

Temperature of Operation (°c)

- 20 to +70

Tensile Strength (Newton)

1.3 W/ 2.0*W/ 2.5 *W or as per requirement

Crush Resistance (Newton)

2000, 4000 or as per requirement

Impact Resistance (Newton*Meter)


Torsion Test

360°; 10 cycles

Minimum Bending Radius (mm)


Repeated Bending

20 * D, 30 Cycles

Static bending (mm)

10* D

Water Penetration Test

No seepage

Drip test

No drainage at 70 °C

Kink Resistance (mm)

No kink at minimum bending radius


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