Telecab Electronics India Ltd., a leader in the CATV systems for two decades, hs now introduced next generation world-class state-of-the are fibre optic cables, fibre optics products and accessories.

We Offer :

Indigenius and imported fibre optic cables from 2 to 24 fibres offerings excellent performance in networks for ISP, voice / video and data communications, LAN & CATV.

We do splicing and we have a complete solution of optical fibre project.

Superior quality imported fibre optic transmitters/ receivers, node and indegineous/ imported accessories like fibre couplers, patch cards, adapters terminator, tap offs, splitters, attenuators etc.

Complete customer suport by a very experience team of engineers from design to completion of netwrok - at a very attractive cost effective price.

We are doing project for lease line to cable TV operator for further distribution.

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