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A-82 Telecab Dash Cam

A-82 Telecab Dash Cam

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Introducing the Telecab Dash Cam, your reliable companion on the road, equipped with advanced features to capture every moment and ensure your safety. Here's why Telecab Dash Cam stands out as the optimal choice:

Crystal Clear TFT Display: Enjoy a bright and clear TFT screen, providing real-time monitoring and playback for a comfortable user experience.

Full HD Recording: The Telecab Dash Cam records in Full HD, making sure to capture the details of the road clearly, giving you the visuals you need.

Wide-Angle Lens: The Telecab's wide-angle lens expands your field of view, taking in multiple areas to provide full coverage of your trip.

Enhanced Night Vision: Drive with confidence even in low light conditions with Telecab's advanced night vision technology, ensuring clear images during night travel.

Expandable Storage (Supports 32GB): Store more memories and critical footage with Telecab Dash Cam, supporting up to 32GB of storage for extended recording capacity.

Motion Detection: Telecab Dash Cam is always vigilant. The motion detection feature automatically starts recording when motion is detected, providing an extra layer of security.

Cyclic Recording: Never worry about running out of storage space. Telecab Dash Cam's cyclic recording feature automatically overwrites the oldest footage, ensuring continuous recording without manual intervention.

G-Sensor Technology: In the event of a collision, Telecab Dash Cam's G-sensor detects sudden movements and automatically locks the current footage, preventing it from being overwritten and preserving critical evidence.

Parking Monitor: Keep your vehicle protected even when parked. Telecab Dash Cam's parking monitor mode activates recording upon detecting any motion or impact, providing surveillance for your parked vehicle.

Telecab Dash Cam is more than a recording device; it's your on-the-road guardian, capturing every moment with precision and ensuring your safety wherever you go. Drive confidently and securely with Telecab Dash Cam.

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