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A-83 Telecab Dash Cam | best CCTV Security Camera

A-83 Telecab Dash Cam | best CCTV Security Camera

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Introducing the Telecab Dash Cam, your reliable partner on the road, designed to provide unparalleled safety and peace of mind. Packed with essential features, the Telecab Dash Cam ensures you capture every moment while driving. Here's why it's the perfect choice for your vehicle:

1080P Full HD Resolution: Experience crystal-clear video quality with Telecab Dash Cam's 1080P Full HD resolution. Capture every detail on the road for accurate documentation.

Enhanced Night Vision: Drive confidently day or night with Telecab's enhanced night vision. The dash cam adapts to low-light conditions, ensuring clear footage in any situation.

2-Inch Screen Display: View and review footage easily on the 2-inch screen display, providing a convenient and accessible interface for seamless operation.

Rotatable Camera: Achieve the perfect angle with Telecab's rotatable camera feature. Easily adjust the camera to capture the road ahead or inside the vehicle as needed.

Motion Detection Technology: Telecab Dash Cam is equipped with motion detection, automatically triggering recording when movement is detected, even when your vehicle is parked.

Reversing Rear View: Navigate tight spots with confidence using the Telecab Dash Cam's reversing rear view feature, providing additional assistance for safe parking and maneuvering.

Wide Angle Of View: Capture a broad perspective with a 140-degree angle of view. Telecab ensures that you record not only what's in front but also the surrounding environment.

Memory Card Capacity: Store more memories with Telecab Dash Cam's generous memory card support. With a maximum capacity of 128GB, you can record extensive footage without worrying about storage limitations.

Equip your vehicle with the Telecab Dash Cam and drive with the assurance that every moment on the road is documented for your safety. Upgrade to Telecab – your road companion for ultimate security.

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